Convert Microsoft to LINUX: For Sale

See a Demo and Pick your own System

If you go to Computer Recycling Service, INC.   located at 7505 Aurora Ave. North ( Highway 99), on the corner of 75th and Aurora Ave near Green Lake, you can pick any system Pentium III 700 Megaherz or higher and we will add any Linux of your choice to it. There is currently a system there for you to try and see in the window. Tel. 206 706 6661

Note, to refill your Ink/Desk Jet catridges or Laser Printer Toners, please go to Catridge World or put in your Zip Code to find the nearest shop near you.

For Recycling Computers and printers, this organization called Interconnection sends a lot of computers to Africa. They also make available computers and laptops at a low price for non profits. Laptops are also for sale to the general public at a good price and come with a 30 day warranty.

Note, an additional charge of 9 percent sales tax is required for Washington State Residents on computer systems sold. Linux conversions are considered computer services and no sales tax applies.

Machine SpecificationsPrice
Your System Convert your system to Linux Suse, Mandriva, Ubuntu, Yellow Dog Linux (MAC) or any desired Linux. $100 or $75 dollars for updating previous Linux installed by me.
Your Infected Hard Drive Get a new Linux system and recover hard drive data by putting your hard drive in a new machine, which is the equivalent or better than your own. $200 + new machine at cost , approximately $400 total.
Your Organization or Home Convert two or more Systems to Linux of your choice. $150 ($75/machine)
Other Computer Services Web page design, build or instrucion , set up DSL or cable/wireless modem, remove viruses from Microsoft Systems, convert MS Access Database to Oracle on Linux, Visual Basic programming (VB/VBA). ($50/hour)
Evo Compaq Notebook SOLD, More available Pentium IV 1.6 Megaherz 512 Meg Ram with wireless card configured to play commercial Videos with Kaffeine and VLC Movie Player. Also includes carrying protective case. $500

Note, all desktops sold directly by me include a mouse and Microsoft keyboard (standard or ergonomic). You get two free hours of tech support including initial setup and a followup visit anytime you desire. Your mail and network access will be setup for you. Should your hard drive fail in the first 3 months, it will be replaced at no charge.

Note, desktop systems bought at Computer Recycling Services include a fully configured and tested Linux system but no followup visit. A followup visit is available for an extra charge for systems bought at Computer Recycling Services. You buy your own keyboard, mouse, printer and monitor.