Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Europe Bicycle Trip 1999

Europe Bicycle Trip 1999

These are some pictures from a trip to England, Netherlands and Germany that I did in the summer of 1999.

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This is my dinner stop in Freiburg at the Salatstube. After 4PM it's a flat rate of 5 Euros for all you can pile on a plate. I have gotten good at building salad mountains. The next picture is my dearly beloved Tante Kiki 88 years young at the time. She cooked glorious German meals for me and I took her to see Der Drei Groeschen (Three Penny Opera) in 1992. She had seen the orignal in 1929. Lastly 25 percent of Berlin is greenspace (Gruenenwald). This is from the bike/ped estrian path around the Wansee. It is one quarter of the size of Lake Washington. It has a great beach for swimming on too.


If you want still more info, please read my report below.