Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Bicycle Trips RSVP 2014

Bicycle Trips RSVP 2014

These are some pictures from my RSVP bike ride in the summer of 2014.

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Lastly, here is a view from the 8th Ave. Bike Street that I usually take. I did this on Monday the day after I arrived to do my laundry and eat at a wonderful raw vegan restaurant called the "Garden of Aura" in Kitsilano on West Broadway next to the Kitsilano Natural Foods store. On Sunday night after the long bike ride, I ate across the street from here at the East is East restaurant. I always go there twice when I am in Vancouver. I hoped you enjoy this little travelogue. Next year I will have more pictures going up to Arlington, Bellingham and crossing over the border to Canada by Lynden, WA.


I will have future pics here for all the RSVP bike rides that I do from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. each year.