Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Bicycle Trips RSVP 2014

Bicycle Trips RSVP 2014

These are some pictures from my RSVP bike ride in the summer of 2014.

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Here are some more couples on that lovely bridge. This is my first time using a camera so you have to be patient with me please. Apparently I got a little of my finger in this shot. I am getting a better one for next year with zoom. I had got this one at a thrift sale and decided to donate it after this trip. At least you have a taste for this lovely bike ride. You can get the registration for free by volunteering just 24 hours with the Cascade Bicyclying Club. This is my fourth time doing the ride.


I will have future pics here for all the RSVP bike rides that I do from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C. each year.