Message from Sri Dharma Mittra regarding Home Practice

Dear Students and Friends we offer you a note from Sri Dharma Mittra on developing a home practice:

Find a corner in your house, a little place. If you have a bigger house, find little room where you should do only your practices and nothing else; your meditation, your practice. Have the picture of someone you believe, a guru, someone that you really believe in and respect, that you feel like God manifests through them. Before each practice, light incense in the house to purify the astral plane. Keep your refrigerator free from animals, from meat, chicken, everything that involves yourself in cruelty. Then your house will be blessed indeed. Before every practice you should bow and ask guidance. Do your meditation in that room. Do your exercise, surrendering all the fruits to the Lord. If you pray to the Lord don't ask anything back; just appreciate His power, His beauty, that's all. Don't force yourself to much, do everything naturally. If you feel like not doing exercise today, do meditation. If don't feel like meditating today, do pranayama. Or just sing for the Lord. There are so many kinds of yoga; bhakti yoga, jnana yoga, kundalini yoga. Do little, very little, but everyday. That is better then spending three hours one day and then spending three or four days without doing anything. So just do two minutes, but everyday. Then you will really succeed.