Stop Smart Meters

Not much is generally known about Smart Meters. First of all they are not at all smart. Some of the things they do are:

  1. Burst into fire . This has happened so often that Saskatchewan Province in Canada has outlawed them.
  2. Cause on average utility rates to go up by 50 percent after installation.
  3. Put out an immense amount of Microwave Radiation in the 1 - 300 Gigaherz bandwith. The energy of the radiation is 10 K what your cell phone emits. This is a major health hazard . This causes massive headaches in people, dizziness, nausea and cases of brain cancer have been documented. In the film mentioned below, all the birds that a gentleman in Renton was feeding suddenly disappeared from the area, once the smart meters were installed. If you can not go to the performance of the film, you can download it and just pay whatever you like. Please see the website also referenced below. Thank you !!
  4. Monitor all your activities in your home and invade your privacy.

You can read more about it in this two page pamphlet please: page 1           page 2

There is a lot of confusion out there between Smart Grid and Smart Meters (AMI) . They are totally different things and have nothing to do with each other. The idea of a Smart Grid is to get us all using renewable energy generated locally for maximum efficiency as opposed to monopoly fossil fuel power companies controlling the price and distribution. For more info, read this excellent report created by Dr. Tim Schoechle, who invented Smart Meters and now speaks out against them.

If you are in the Seattle or Pacific Northwest USA, please see here for more information.

There are various showings wherever you live of the film Take Back your Power. Please see the take back your power website mentioned here

Lastly, take a look at this free guide from Josh del Sol Beaulieu about how to make yourself safer against all the Wi-Fi EMF radiation out there.