Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Europe Bicycle Trip 1999

Europe Bicycle Trip 1999

These are some pictures from a trip to England, Netherlands and Germany that I did in the summer of 1999.

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Here you see a typical postal person on a bike. That's right! Germany is as big as Texas and all mail for 85 Million people is delivered by bike. Why can't we do that? Next you see a view of Gunterstal a tiny monk cloister village from the middle ages. This picture is taking from the Waldradweg (Mountain bike way for hikers and bikers). Lastly is the sign to Schauinsland Mountain 11km to the top. I have done this both by road and Waldradweg. I always use the Waldradweg now. It is so peaceful. It takes you through a few tiny farming villages.


If you want still more info, please read my report below.