Convert Microsoft to LINUX: About Me (Victor Odlivak)

I have been living in Seattle since 1989 in the Wallingford area. I have been involved with computers since 1977 working as a developer, tech supporter, UNIX Administrator, and Network Administrator along with my current business assisting people in converting to Linux using recycled PC's if they do not already have a PC. I am secretary of the Bellevue Linux Users group which has its meetings on the second Tuesday evening of each month.

I am now a certified Dharma Mittra Yoga Level I/II teacher . Please click the yoga link below for more information. Please Contact Victor in Seattle, Washington at 206 547 6020 via telephone or email using link below: Victor if you are interested in classes.

My other interests are bicycling , yoga and working with an organization called "Partners for Health" to support rehabilitation of street children and women's health care in Nicaragua. I am a member of the Seattle Bicycle Touring Club and President of Amigos de Si a La Vida .

Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing high quality fast machines using Pentium III or Pentium IV processors that otherwise would go to landfills. You will find with the added power and efficiency of Linux these are as quick as the new Microsoft machines. We support the open source movement and all those who can benefit from it. We help companies substantially lower their costs by switching their Microsoft Administrative Servers to Linux Administrative Servers. See   Services for Microsoft Folks .

Useful Links:

Remove yourself from Direct Mail Marketing via US Postal Service   It took me a year of research but I finally found this thanks to help from the Wallingford Post Office and the customer service center for the USPS. On this web site you want to create an account and then click on Remove from List for all of them. It will also give you a website to get off the insurance and credit card propositions. You have to mail this form in, but it helps you print out the form and tells you where to send it.

Eidem's Ulphostery   These people (Brian and Howard) made an absolutely fabulous cargo bike bag for me with material from Velo Transit   I highly recommend you use Eidem's and the folks at Velo Transit for normal size bike bags.
Here is a better view of the cargo bike bag alone

2020 Cycle  A great shop for you central area and capitol hill people. They can do just about anything. They are very accomodating to us cargo cyclists. They have a really nice Japanese bell which I bought five of. You can actually tune it.
Cascade Bicycle Club   One of the oldest bike clubs in the country. They have been working very hard here in the Pacific Northwest to make biking safer and educate drivers and bicycle vehiclists regarding appropriate cooperative/respectful behavior. They also put on some great rides and a Bike Expo every year. If you volunteer enough you can get the ride participation fee waived.
Ride Bicycles   A great bike shop right next to the Sunlight vegetarian cafe on Roosevelt Way. They do a great job on Cargo bikes too!
Elliot Bay Cycle  A great shop for you downtown folks. They gave me a really nice backwards rear deraileur and great service. It is a deraileur that defaults to the lowest gear in the unsprung position. So, if the cable breaks you can get home in your lowest gear. I love it. These guys are also master frame builders.
Free Range Cycle  A great shop in Fremont. Here I bought my Xtracycle with the wide loader attachment.
Recycled Cycles  A great shop for getting those old hard to find items. They also take stuff on consignment and will do trades on bike purchases. You can bring them old parts and tools and they will be put to good use. I traded in my old Fat Chance bicycle towards building a new Soma Mountain Bike. They put it together beautifully and meticulously. They even saved my lights for me from the old bike to use on the new. These guys are great!
Freelock Computing   Open Source consulting in Seattle.
Yogalife   One of my favorite studios in Seattle.
Yogiway   Yogiway is no more, but Katerina Wen and her partner are teaching now in beautiful San Juan Island, well worth the trip!
Samadhi Yoga   For you capitol hill folks, this is a cool Vinyasa based studio with a strong emphasis on the spiritual teachings .