Convert Microsoft to LINUX: Install Opera Browser

This is the absolute best browser you ever saw. I use is on my IMAC and love it. It is far superior to the built in Mozilla and Konqueror browsers that come with most Linux systems. You can even install it in Microsoft Windows operating systems!

Go to Opera Download Site Instructions.

You will be asked what is your version of Linux, MAC or Windows. Please select the appropiate one. For example: Suse 9.1 or Mandrake 10.0 if you bought a system from me. It will download a file of approximatlely four Megabytes. It defaults to a website which requires a password. You need to select instead of " FTP" the United Kingdon site "UK - Ninoshum HTTP" site for your "Choose download location:". When it is done, click on the "Use Yast" if you are using SuSe. You will then be prompted for your root login, which is "linux01" (no quotes). Click on "accept" and then go to your Suse menu and under "internet" you will see a "Opera" icon. Just click on it and away you go!

If you are using Mandrake save the download file as a package, i.e. opera754.rpm . Then go to "Administer your System" | "Configure your Computer" off of the Start menu. You will next be prompted for your root password which is "linux01" (no quotes). You can now go into Software Management and install the Opera package. Unfortunately, Mandrake does not automatically create a desktop icon for you. You can do this by going to your Linux Desktop right click the mouse, then choose "Create New" | "File" | "Link to application". Call it the name of the applicaiton, i.e. "Opera". Now click on your icon and away you go!