Dharma Mittra Yoga in Seattle and Eugene

"I am impressed not only with Victor's knowledge of the various poses, but more importantly with his guidance regarding the poses and how to avoid injuries. Victor offers variations and suggestions on how to work toward achieving the pose."

"Victor has always approached youth with a smile and positive light when sharing the practice of yoga. He has donated not only his time and talent but also a huge posterboard with Dharma Mitra poses for youth to see during class."

Full Lotus Shoulder Stand Full Lotus Shoulder Stand

Pincha Mayarasana Legs

Current Teaching Schedule

Currently my only students are twice a month in King County through Yoga Behind Bars and once a week through Street Yoga   . If you know of any other opportunities please email me, my email address is on my home page.

All Levels - Dharma Mittra Classical Hatha Yoga

This is an all levels Hatha Yoga Class. We will flow through a variety of yoga postures to open the breath, strengthen the body and calm the mind. We will build stability in the core and end with Meditation. Poses adjusted for any injuries. Bring Yoga Mat and Block if you have it. This is the class I currently teach at the King County Detention Center.

Yoga Brochure for Community Classes

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Yoga Brochure for Classes to Corporations

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Iyengar Light on Yoga

This is available from the publisher Kairos in Spanish, please go to Luz Sobre el Yoga  .You can get this book at your favorite independent book store by referencing this information from the publisher. I highly recommend it.

Here  is a sample sylabus used for a very basic hatha yoga class in Spanish. Here are some anatomy drawings and notes for the class.

Mark Tully BBC Interview with Iyengar . He died August 20, 2014 at the age of 95 and 8 months. He and I have the same birth date.

My Yoga Training

In August of 2008 I went through the life changing experience of completing the Dharma Mittra 200 hour Life of a Yogi teacher training course. I have already begun teaching classes privately in my home studio and at local community centers. What I liked so much about this training was it that emphasized the spritual side of yoga first. The asana physical practice is used as a gateway to achieve the ceasing of the chattering of the mind stuff (citta chatter) in order to achieve union with the divine Self that lives internally in the space to the right of the physical heart. This Atman Self is what we carry with us from incarnation to incarnation. It will never leave us. When you and I are in this place of Atman we say Namaste denoting that then there is only one of us.

Here I am in one of my most favorite poses Pinchamayarasana (forearm balance) during the training. Here I am at my graduation ceremony on October 11, 2008 being presented my certificate by Dharma Mittra.
Please Contact Victor in Seattle, Washington at 206 547 6020 via telephone or email using link below: Victor if you are interested in classes.


These are recommendations from students, fellow yoga teachers and supervisors in the Seattle Area.

Youth Detention Center
Sutra Seattle Yoga Teacher
Mother and Daughter in Seattle
Local Seattle Yoga Student

Yoga Links:

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For the orginal draft of my newsletter article about the training, please see Dharma Mittra Draft Article for Newsletter  .   Here is a second article I submitted for the newsletter about my first class  .   Here is a picture that goes along with the article for the   meditation image  .
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For a beautiful explanation of making all of your life a yoga practice please see   Earth Pilgrimage Part I  .

Here is one fo my most favorite authors discussing Additiction and the Egoic Mind
This is from Dr. Gabor Maté who lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Barefoot Yoga  here in lower Queeen Anne is a great source for yoga clothes and mats. If you pedal over they will wave the shipping charge.

I regularly volunteer with Yoga Behind Bars   and Street Yoga  , where I teach to the youth. It is one of the most rewarding things I do.

Yoga Studios in Seattle:

Yogalife   One of my favorite studios in Greenlake.
Katerina Wen now teaches in San Juan Island. She is the one who told me about Dharma Mittra and used to have the Yogiway Studio here in Seattle.

Excerpts from Message from Sri Dharma Mittra regarding Home Practice

This message was given on March 28, 2012:

Find a corner in your house, a little place... a room where you should do only your practices and nothing else; ... Have the picture of someone you believe, a guru, someone that you really believe in and respect, that you feel like God manifests through them. Before each practice, light incense in the house to purify the astral plane... Do little, very little, but everyday . That is better then spending three hours one day and then spending three or four days without doing anything. So just do two minutes, but everyday. Then you will really succeed.

For the full message go here